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14 Strategies To Help Win The Battle In Your Mind

Strategies for the series, “Empowering The Mind: 14 Strategies To Help Win The Battle In Your Mind,” will be released weekly with a free opportunity to be personally coached throughout the duration.  Come back each for for the new releases and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be notified of each post and interact with Board Certified Life Coach K.Devon Pendleton.

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Kelvin Pendleton


Strategy 1: I Control My Mind, Therefore I Control My Life

Our passion fuels our desire for change. Our desire fuels our repetition to work towards change. Our repetition fuels our brains to form new habits and thoughts. Our new habits and thoughts fuel our external behavior to reflect our new way of thinking. And that is the battle in your mind; letting go of the old and embracing a new way of thinking with the end result being a new behavioral response; you can control your life.